Hitch Fit Living Magazine Volume 1 July/August 2015 | Page 57

What was the hardest part? There was no easy part. I had to constantly remind myself why I was doing this and think about what my goals were. I am a food addict and always will be. If I had a less than perfect day, then I picked myself up and made sure the next day was better. The most important part was admitting when I had a bad day, getting it out in the open and letting Amy talk me through it. She made me dig deep and think about "why" I was eating bad, eating too much or struggling to get to my daily exercise goal. I am human so there were ups and downs, but I had to learn new habits and stop turning to food to comfort my every emotion. There was a lot of self reflection, which was crucial to my success. What I have learned? 1. After going through this process, I realize that I felt negatively about people because their strengths reminded me of my weaknesses. This was really hard to own up to but letting it out and letting it go felt great and it allowed me to gain lifelong friends and surround myself with people with similar goals 2. Food is not the enemy, food is absolutely necessary for progress 3. It is ok that I have bad days because I just follow it up with good ones 4. How to accept compliments and just respond with “thank you”instead of an excuse 5. I am independent and that is ok but it is also ok to need others 6. I am strong 7. I am not the only neurotic person that obsesses over numbers (love you Amy) 8. There is a correct way to mount a bench that is declined…or dismount (I will forever get a good laugh when looking at some of the gym equipment) 9. Humor can get me through any workout 10. I am not a fan of gan