Hitch Fit Living Magazine Volume 1 July/August 2015 - Page 55

I decided to surprise my husband, Steve, and bring him on the journey with me, knowing I could not be successful without him. We were wrapped up in our unhealthy habits together and if one of us was eating badly, it gave the other one an excuse to do the same. Steve had no idea that I even signed him up. I drove to Hitch Fit with Steve not knowing where we were going and Amy and James were waiting for us. I looked at Steve and told him that this was our home the next 12 weeks. There was no looking back, this was our time. There were lots of tears from both of us, but personally, mine were from a sense of relief that I wasn't going to do this alone. The journey didn't stop with Steve and me. My 8 year old daughter, Sydney, asked if she could work out with Amy and without hesitation, I said yes. I was worried that others would question me or think that I was trying to transform my 8 year old. After dropping Sydney off the first time, another Hitch Fit client said something to me that I will never forget, "what an amazing gift you are giving your daughter." She was so right! I can’t buy the things that Sydney is learning from this experience; self confidence, positive self esteem, strength, acceptance of herself and her body, a love of food and mostly, a role model in Amy Gipson. What was the Hitch Fit process like? I knew what to expect each week because Amy had my organized and laid out for me in detail. She explained that I just do what was in the plan and the results would follow. I fueled my body with the right food, shopping at Aldi’s and Wal-Mart, like I always do, so that my budget never increased. I always felt satisfied, which is something that I have never experienced before. It proved that eating whole foods really changed the way my body reacted to hunger. It was simple, nothing complicated. I met with Amy 3 times per week for strength training as I was not comfortable going to a regular gym. My workout changed every month and I never hit plateaus, just like Amy said….it was working! I did cardio and strength training whenever and however I could…in the morning before work, at night, at home and work…I just kept my body moving. I work on the 10th floor of my building and took breaks going up and down 10 flights of stairs (thank you to my friend and co-worker, Amanda, for keeping me accountable). I did everything possible to avoid doing my workouts during time with my kids because I felt Mom guilt. Instead, I included the kids by going to the school playground, running behind them when they were on their bikes or running laps around the parking lot while they were on the playground. My husband was paramount in making sure that I had the time that I needed for myself. I am grateful to him for this. Sydni and Hitch Fit TRANSFORMER Amy Gipson