Hitch Fit Living Magazine Volume 1 July/August 2015 - Page 48

I remember the first question I asked Diana was “can someone my age do this program and see results.” Diana said “absolutely.” I wasn’t so sure about that. I was almost 59 years old – with raging hormones and both work and life filled with stress – I just didn’t see this happening. I kept feeling the nudge from God. I went for it and bought my first program. From day one I was hooked. I was ready for this and I was willing to make this commitment. Honestly, it is a huge commitment, but one that is so worth it. You have to want this, you have to want to lose the weight and you have to want to change your lifestyle when it comes to food and exercise. I lost about 29 pounds on this program. I then went through another program with Diana and lost another 11 pounds. Transformation isn’t easy. Friends don’t understand why you aren’t the fun person you once were – although they may not say those exact words, they do say things like “Are you ever going to drink with me anymore or “I will be glad when this program is over so you can drink again.” Or, quite honestly, they just stop calling. Was that really the only fun thing about me? I am still me, just a better, healthier version. However, your true friends will support you and be right there with you at all times. They may not agree with everything you do, but they will not try to bring you down during this time. Stick to it – it is so worth the journey.