Hitch Fit Living Magazine Volume 1 July/August 2015 - Page 39

My relationship with weight training began a couple of yeras ago. I know that strength training can be outside of your comfort zone, especially for women! But it is so beneficial for your health and strength, it's something all women should engage in. Here are some tips for boosting your Gym confidence! 1. Stand tall and proud when walking into the gym. You are choosing a healthy lifestyle path for yourself and that should feel good! Even taking on the posture of confidence can make you FEEL more confident! 2. ASK QUESTIONS - Don't be shy if you are unsure how to use a machine or do a certain exercise. Gym employees and the majority of gym goers are going to be more than happy to help you out! We were all new at one point! 3. Don’t worry about if people around you are watching you. Because to be honest, they probably are not! People go to the gym to focus on their own workouts. So you focus on yours! 4. 5. Wear clothing that you are comfortable and confident in. Watch your form in the mirror. It isn't vanity. It's essential to make sure you are performing exercise properly. 6. Let them see you sweat! That's what the gym is for! Work hard for your best results. 7. Take Notes! Bring a notebook to track your progress or to record your workouts so you can 8. Above all...Have fun!!! Working out is supposed to be invigorating, interesting, exciting, make you feel like you are reaching a new goal!! So have fun and enjoy this new journey!! Start implementing these tips and you will be able to see how much more confident you feel when you step into that gym and you leave your little shell of comfort at the door. Remember we only live once so why not enjoy our lives while we are trying to benefit our bodies with exercise and a healthier lifestyle. Alejandra Nixon is a Bilingual trainer (speaking Spanish & English ) at the Hitch Fit Gym downtown location. Contact her at mrsnixonfitness@gmail.com Check out her trainer profile here: http://hitchfitgym.com/trainers/bilingual-personal-trainer-kansas-city-alejandra-nixon/