Hitch Fit Living Magazine Volume 1 July/August 2015 - Page 35

The acceptance, and even glorification, of this trend of physical mediocrity is bogus. Labeling this body type and lifestyle “dad bod” makes it seem that real-life dads believe it is ok to let themselves go; they view this trend of acceptance as a way out of the effort that is required to live a healthy lifestyle. On average, dads are 10-15 lbs heavier than men without kids and carry two extra inches around their waist. These problems could easily be prevented. The biggest problem that is going to come from the dad bod trend, and the one with the highest risk implications, is that it’s teaching our children bad habits of laziness and lack of selfcontrol. As the percentage of overweight and obese adults grows in the United States, so does the percentage of children who are following the same path. The dad bod is almost normalizing obesity. With a quarter of the United States’ child population being overweight, we need to set a better example for our children and not settle for the minimum. Bryan and his son Liam We need to be the leaders that fathers are intended to be, showing our children the way to a long and healthy life. If you’re worried about the dad body creeping up on you or you’re already embracing the trend, it’s time to make some changes and set a better example for your kids. Your daily lifestyle choices make the biggest impacts. Start with the choices you have more control over such as fatty food options, smoking, excessive beer and alcohol consumption, sleep deprivation and limited exercise. You don’t have to commit to a strict life of eating mundane food five times per day and working out 7 days a week to reach a healthy BMI and Body Fat. It is not hard to obtain a healthier lifestyle. A little bit of self-discipline is all you need. Bryan Morris is a Hitch Fit Transformation Trainer at the Overland Park Location. Contact him for personal training at Check out his Trainer Profile here: http://hitchfitgym.com/trainers/overland-park-fat-loss-expert-bryan-morris/