HIMPower Magazine April Issue - Page 26

LEGAL MONDAY MORNING L AWYER A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing by Eric Montgomery E ven the Lord’s house has complex 6. Fundraising Practices: Why hire a pro- challenges and legal issues that fessional fundraiser and cause liabilities and hardships for 7. Communications Strategies: During churches. In order to be efficient and crisis situations or during special projects grow in the 21st century, churches need to the church will need to provide the right be proactive in using a similar approach to messaging to its congregation and to the that of successful businesses. Times have community at large. Know how to com- changed and here are 7 steps that are crucial municate during this process! for every church to take: There are many challenging issues 1. Set Up Internal Controls: To prevent facing our churches, pastors, congrega- embezzlement and other losses. tions and the communities in which our 2. Get Expert Help: Create effective boards churches serve. Don’t become a victim of and leadership teams to be your eyes and a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. If your church ears. hasn’t taken these safeguards, it’s prudent 3. Risk Management: Know how to man- that you get started now before disaster age risks before setting up shelters, chil- walks through the door. Next, consult legal dren’s programs, or transportation issues. counsel to make sure there are no missteps 4. Training Programs: Have regular lead- that could pose a legal quandary for you ership training programs to address later.  ong