Debbie Hatumale-Uy

community and goes out of her way to help out the people in it . This attitude saw her build up her business to the point that last year she had to move it out of her garage into a small warehouse facility as she no longer had enough room to keep it at home .
All the while she was building up her own business , she was also working part time doing social media for a marketing agency , and taking care of her family , which was starting to take its toll . By the time the Christmas break rolled around at the end of last year , Debbie was suspecting that something had to change or she would burn out . She sat and went through her accounts and after discussing it with her husband , decided it was time to quit her day job and go full time in her own business .
Since she has gone full time for herself she has been able to move forward with other goals she has had for her business and herself . I asked her what drove her to help her clients and work in the way she did to give away so much of her knowledge when so many other business owners wouldn ’ t think of doing that .
“ I want to empower other women and even though it is a cliché , we really are stronger together . When we support each other and not tear each other down we can achieve great things ! Anything I learn I share with my community , that could be as small as sharing a new tool I ’ m using or if I ’ ve found a way of doing something that makes things easier ,” Debbie answered .
“ If people resonate with you and appreciate what you give to them , then they want to support you . If I can help them to grow their business , then it helps me to grow mine , which benefits all of us .”
It ’ s not only through her business that Debbie is supporting other women - she has recently joined the Hills Women ’ s Shed as a volunteer to help them with their social media and marketing , and they have already seen the benefit of having her on board .
Debbie helped them to promote their recent fashion show to raise vital funds for the Women ’ s Shed , and she will be running Cricut workshops so women can learn how to use the machine and expand the type of items they sell at the local UpMarkets . It ’ s a change of pace that she is enjoying very much .
“ I ’ m offering marketing advice to Positive Vibes and Hills Women ’ s Shed , it lets me give back to a local charity , and support local women . It ’ s very satisfying for me as I can see exactly how my work impacts the community .”
I don ’ t think it will be long before Debbie needs to set herself some new goals , because I can tell this hard working woman will meet the ones she set herself at the start of the year .
If you want to check out Debbie on socials or look at the products she has to offer you can go to www . onlythesweetstuff . com . au . To find out more about the work done at Hills Women ’ s shed go to www . positivevibes . org . au / the-hills-womens-shed-20 /.
Debbie is a hands on mum and business woman .
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