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...FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK... 2020 has certainly been a roller coaster ride. Our “numbers” are still thankfully nothing like many other countries in the world, but it is disheartening when it seemed we pretty much had it contained but now it appears we are walking along thin ice. We can blame Dan the Vic Man for dropping the ball on hotel security, we can blame Gladys for those who scuttled across the border before it was shut and we can blame Scomo just because in some circles it has become trendy to do so. But none of the blaming will change where we are at. That is up to us. Yes, US. The reality is we have slackened off. Social distancing is close to being non existent again in public places. When I did my shopping a few days ago, the trolley wipers were long gone, the sanitisers at the entrance were empty and people actually leaned across me to get something from the shelf I was standing in front of. Pull up for petrol and the sanitiser at the bowser is also empty, with the paper towel roll hanging down to the ground with a gooey looking substance all over it. When you look around, people are shaking hands, standing shoulder to shoulder and the cough into the elbow is a distant memory. Yet, if everything goes south, you’ll hear most people blaming the Premiers and the Prime Minister. We need to take some responsibility here! We do not want closures, restrictions, job losses, illness or deaths, do we? Sure, politicians need to be held to account, but we also need to reunite as Team Australia and get back to preventing the spread! Your thoughts? [email protected] Windsor (02) 4505 1314 2/266 George St Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm Sat 9am - 2pm Sun Closed Servicing the Hawkesbury, Hills District and Sydney Areas [email protected] (SEE WEBSITE FOR DELIVERY) Glenhaven (02) 8850 7030 609 Old Northern Rd Mon-Sat 9am - 5pm Sun 9am - 3pm www.wildbunch.florist HILLS DISTRICT INDEPENDENT Issue 62 | August 2020 Phone 4588 5055 | Fax: 9625 4649 www.hdinews.com.au | e: [email protected] HDI Owner / Publisher | Julie Ryan // 0421 574 093 // [email protected] PO Box 16 WINDSOR NSW 2756 Creative Director | Natalie Reed // Natwest Creative Designs // 0411 030 474 www.natwestcreativedesigns.com.au | [email protected] Printer | Spot Press, Marrickville • 2020 Julie Ryan 0421 574 093 Owner /Publisher Myee Lallyette 0413 305 578 Advertising Sales Natalie Reed 0411 030 474 Creative Director David Burnet 0412 448 883 Advertising Sales Kathryn Johnston 0422 404 366 Photographer Susan Bird 0415 202 380 Advertising Sales Kerrie Davies 0422 067 644 Editor Gemma Healey 0450 024 043 Social Media www.hdinews.com.au Disclaimer: The comments of columnists and contributors do not necessarily reflect the views of the Hills District Independent. The Hills District Independent nor any person acting on their behalf, may be held responsible for the use to which the information contained in this publication may be put, or for any errors which, despite careful preparation and checking, may appear. Lorraine Clifford 0488 025 533 Sub Editor Lorna Gordon 0402 596 244 Freelance Writer Greg Martin 0420 655 524 Journalist Tom Sargeant 0410 165 334 Journalist * Valid until 31.8.2020, not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. THE HILLS INDEPENDENT www.hdinews.com.au ISSUE 62 // AUGUST 2020 3