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Ealing Fields High School

Admissions criteria
The below criteria has been summarised , for the full admissions policy and arrangements please visit the school website : www . ealingfields . org . uk
Published admission number : 150 places
Where the number of applications is less than the published admission number all applicants will be offered a place .
Where the number of applications is greater than the published admission number ; after the allocation of children with an EHC plan , the admission criteria will be applied in the following order of priority :
1 . Children who are Looked After or Previously Looked After and those who immediately after being looked after became subject to adoption , a child arrangement order , or special guardianship order . Including children who appear ( to the admission authority ) to have been in state care outside of England and ceased to be in state care as a result of being adopted .
2 . Children with a sibling already on-roll at Ealing Fields High School when they apply . A sibling relation does not apply when the child currently on roll will leave the school before the sibling starts .
3 . 15 places for children showing an aptitude for music . Places will be allocated in order of ranked assessment score .
4 . The remaining places will be allocated in accordance with the Tie Breaker arrangements ( see below ).
Tie breaks Distance will be used as the first ‘ tie-breaker ’ if two or more applicants are equally qualified for a place within the oversubscription criteria .
Distance is measured in a straight line from the unique address point for the applicants ’ home address to the site for Ealing Fields High School which is , Little Ealing Lane , W5 4EJ , using the Local Authority ’ s computerised mapping system based on ordnance survey data .
In cases where applicants live equidistant from the school , the available place will be allocated using a random computer selection by Ealing Local Authority .
Multiple birth and same year siblings
Where applications are received from twins , triplets or other multiple birth siblings and one child is selected for a place , Ealing Fields will admit over the published admission number ( PAN ) in order to support the family . This will only apply where one sibling would be within the PAN and the other sibling ( s ) would be above the PAN ( i . e . where the 150th place is offered to a multiple-birth sibling ).
How places were offered in 2022
Admissions criteria
Criteria 1 & 2 Criteria 4
Offers made on national offer day
All applicants offered
Distance of last child to be offered : 0.425 of a mile
Waiting lists
If the school is oversubscribed , names of all unsuccessful applicants will be placed on a waiting list .
This waiting list will be maintained by the school strictly in the order of the oversubscription criteria and not in the order in which the applications are received . If a place becomes available , the child who is first on the waiting list will be offered a place . Whenever a child joins the waiting list the list will be reordered in accordance with the oversubscription criteria above . The waiting list will run until the end of the school year .
Specialist music places
15 places within Ealing Fields High School will be offered to students applying for a place in Year 7 with an identified natural aptitude for music .
How to apply :
• Complete the Specialist Music Admissions application form online by 12 noon on 7 October 2022 . Parents applying for a place under this criterion are reminded that they must also submit the PAN London Common Application Form to their Local Authority by the closing date .
• All applicants will be invited to attend Round One .
• Your child ’ s score will be issued together with news as to whether they have been invited to attend round two of the process .
• Your child ’ s round two score will then be added to their round one score and a list of final results , in descending order , will be compiled . Those ranked in places 1-15 will be notified on National Offer Day that they have been offered a music place ( provided they have not received a higher preference offer ).
• Other applicants will be placed on a waiting list , ranked according to their score . If a place becomes available it will be offered to the applicant who is highest on the waiting list . In the case of a tie on score , those students living nearer the school as the crow flies will be given priority .
For detailed information about the school and to read their prospectus please visit the school website : www . ealingfields . org . uk
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