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Mental Health and Human Rights Info ( MHHRI ) is a resource database that gives free information in English and Spanish on the effects of human rights violations on mental health in contexts of disaster , conflict and war . The resource database contains publications that discuss psychosocial interventions at individual and community level . It also provides information about organisations that work in this field .
Thanks to the contributors The development of this manual was funded by the Dam Foundation in cooperation with The Norwegian Council for Mental Health ( NCMH ), Ifound . Global , Himalpartner and Project Mental Health . The views expressed are those of MHHRI and do not necessarily represent the policies of the funding partners .
© 2023 Mental Health and Human Rights Info , All Rights Reserved . The authors of this manual have made a considerable effort to ensure that the information on which it is based is accurate and up to date . The recommendations contained in this manual do not imply that only one course of action is appropriate or provide a formal standard of care ; specific outcomes are not guaranteed . One must always take context and individual circumstances into account . Users of this manual will access the materials and information as they choose . However , we suggest that you should respect the guidelines , and the emphasis on respect and dignity , as closely as possible . Always bear in mind the Sphere protection principles and the principle ‘ Do No Harm ’.
MHHRI is not liable for any direct or indirect damage , liability or expense which is claimed to result from use of this manual . No part of this publication may be reproduced , stored in a retrieval system , or transmitted in any form or by any means , electronic , mechanical , photocopying , recording and / or otherwise without the prior permission of MHHRI .
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