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Perspectives on hospital and industry partnerships: The aim of improving outcomes, increasing patient satisfaction and reducing costs About this report T he aim of this report is to investigate the understanding of and attitudes to value-based healthcare among senior hospital stakeholders and healthcare system decision makers in Europe. Value-based healthcare is a data-driven, holistic approach in which a company partners with hospitals and healthcare providers to offer a range of benefits tailored to their specific needs and priorities. It usually involves the healthcare company identifying areas for improvement in a hospital through in-depth analyses and discussions and then recommending bespoke and tailored solutions accordingly. Traditionally, healthcare companies tended to focus on selling specific products on an individual basis via sales representatives. However, the healthcare industry is shifting and there is increasing pressure on hospitals and healthcare providers to do more with less. This has led to an increase in value-based offerings. This report specifically considers the aim of improving clinical outcomes, increasing patient satisfaction and reducing costs in an integrated fashion. The insights gathered in this report were based on the feedback gained from 10 key opinion leaders who hold senior positions in hospitals and healthcare systems across Europe. The interviews were conducted in a double-blinded, qualitative market research setting. Respondents were selected by specific job titles, which ensured that they have the relevant experience and knowledge of the focus area of the research. These included: Editorial comment: V alue-based offerings as part of hospital–industry partnerships are seen as a welcome addition to hospital stakeholders and healthcare system decision makers’ armamentarium. According to this research, the perception is that these offerings are particularly helpful for specific disease areas, such as oncology and diabetes, data exchange and coordinating IT systems in acute settings. Further research is needed to understand what series of events or ‘perfect storm’ would need to occur in order for these hospital–industry partnerships to become one of the first ports of call for hospitals looking to achieve their goals. 1. Head of Contracting Management United Kingdom 2. Pharmacy Director United Kingdom 3. Commissioning Manager United Kingdom 4. Service Re-Design Manager United Kingdom 5. Purchasing Director France 6. General Manager France 7. Pharmacy Director Italy 8. Pharmacy Director Germany 9. Pharmacy Director Spain 10. Medical Director Turkey 2 HHE 2018 | hospitalhealthcare.com