HHE Perspectives on Hospital and Industry Partnerships - Page 11

CareAdvantage A new approach to help drive value-based healthcare In 2017, JJMD launched a new approach to help drive value-based healthcare in hospitals across EMEA – CareAdvantage. Through this approach, JJMD aims to work in partnership with hospitals to help them deliver the ‘triple aim’ of improved clinical outcomes, increased patient satisfaction and experience, whilst reducing costs. This new approach is centred around three core steps: Solving starts with listening. Our Approach Needs Identification Co-Creation Desired Results Discuss challenges and perform analysis to define opportunities where we can help Bring our unique capabilities as a part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Tailor the approach to deliver results and measurable impact CareAdvantage focuses on several key capabilities, including supply chain, financing solutions and patient pathway. To find out more, contact: [email protected] 9 HHE 2018 | hospitalhealthcare.com