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FINLAND Mrs Hannele Häkkinen HOPE Governor, The Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities Could you describe the last hospital and/ or healthcare reforms implemented in your country in the past 5 years? One of the initiatives implemented in recent years was the division of healthcare services provided between secondary hospitals and centralised hospitals. In particular, centralised hospitals are now in charge of demanding and providing rare treatments and diagnostics, for example, surgical operations including hip and knee replacement, as well as childbirths. The five university hospitals offer the most demanding treatment. The goal is to guarantee equal access to services, sufficient skills and knowledge to health professionals, patient safety as well as to curb the cost growth. A second initiative is the introduction of joint emergency care units (primary and secondary care) in central hospitals and the division of work between nurses and doctors in primary care and emergency care in hospitals. Finally, the Health and Social Services Reform is ongoing. The goal is to put primary care, secondary care and social care under one umbrella. At the moment the municipalities are responsible for organising health and social services. This responsibility will be transferred to 18 new counties on 1 January 2021. The law proposal is in Parliament but it is uncertain as to whether it will be approved because there will be parliamentary elections in April 2019. 3 Could you present two/three elements on the impact of such reforms on hospital and/ or healthcare sectors that your organisation/ country has identified? The goals of the centralisation of the most demanding and rare treatment to fewer hospitals are better cost-efficiency, better quality of care and treatment and better patient safety. FINLAND Total current health expenditure as % of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) General government/compulsory current health expenditure as % of total current health expenditure Hospital current health expenditure, as % of total current health expenditure Household out-of-pocket health expenditure as % of total current health expenditure All hospital beds per 100,000 inhabitants Acute care hospital beds per 100,000 inhabitants Acute care admissions/discharges per 100 inhabitants Average length of stay for acute care hospitals (bed-days) Practising physicians per 100,000 inhabitants Practising nurses per 100,000 inhabitants 17 HHE 2019 | hospitalhealthcare.com 2002 2008 2016 7.4% 8.1% 9.5% 72.6% 74.7% 74.5% 36.3% 34.1% 35.9% 22.0% 19.6% 20.4% 735.0 657.0 397.0 383.0 350.0 294.0 19.9 17.9 16.2 7.1 7.1 6.5 253.0 272.0 321.0 1071.0 1314.0 1426.0