HeyU Special Edition - Year 12 and beyond - Page 5

year 12 and beyond… What if you didn’t get your dream OP It’s not the end of the world if you don’t get your dream OP, even if it might feel like it right now. Here’s why. 10 quick tips to help you conquer the QCS test Are you about to sit the QCS exam? Check out these stress- busting tips and helpful hints. Better than expected OP? If you got a better OP score than you were expecting, you will no doubt be celebrating, but are you also rethinking your study options? Maybe this will help! The 5 stages of QCS emotion Preparing to take the Queensland Core Skills (QCS) test? These are the 5 stages of emotion you will probably experience. How to get into Uni without an OP If you didn’t get the OP you were hoping for here are 3 other ways you can follow your study dream at Uni. Uni acronyms every high school student needs to know Need help trying to keep the meaning of one end-of-high-school acronym straight from the next? 10 surprising health benefits of stress Would you believe us if we told you there are actually health benefits of being stressed?