HeyU Special Edition - Year 12 and beyond - Page 4

special edition Be Prepared for Anything It can seem as though your entire time at high school is leading up to one exam that will define your future. Year 12 is a very important year, but it’s also important to not let stress become overwhelming. After all, there is always another option if you don’t get your dream OP. You can plan for whatever may happen when you know the different pathways available to you. Here’s some tips to help you manage your stress and some tunes to help you de-stress. Bonnie: Why you don’t need an OP to get into uni Mindfulness Colouring Take a break and de-stress with these 3 free adult colouring designs, created specifically for you! Bonnie shares the secret as to how she achieved her dream of going to uni without an OP and why USQ’s Tertiary Preparation Program Intensive Pathway might work for you too. Read more USQ Spotify: Exams – Relax playlist No matter what stage of study you are at, USQ has a Spotify playlist to help you through it!