HeyU Special Edition - Year 12 and beyond - Page 3

year 12 and beyond… HIGH SCHOOL TO UNI The transition from high school to uni can be daunting. You can hear from students who were in the same boat not too long ago, and find out what to really expect when you walk through those doors for the first time. High school vs University The first year rollercoaster What will change and what will stay the same? Find out what you can expect when you finish school. Studying at uni can be full of ups and down, much like a rollercoaster! Alice: How to find the uni that fits you best 5 reasons you’ll enjoy your time at uni more than you did high school Did you hate high school and think you’re going to hate uni? Welcome to your future, it’s going to be deadly! Choosing what university you want to go to can be overwhelming for many school students. Alice shares her tips for picking the uni that is right for you. Read more