HeyU Special Edition - Year 12 and beyond - Page 14

special edition Things to do on a Student Budget A uni student’s budget may not be generous, but there a plenty of fun things to keep you entertained no matter where you study, even on a student budget! Here are some budgeting tips to keep you on track, without having to forfeit on a social life. Andrea: My financial diet Does your budget leave you shuffling like Red Foo? If you’re struggling to make ends meet despite having a regular income, you need to read this. Read more Laurie: 10 things to do in Ipswich on a student budget If you’re looking for fun things to do in the Ipswich region but are on a uni student budget, check out these 10 suggestions that won’t break the bank. Read more Emma: 10 things to do in Toowoomba on a student budget Tash: 10 things to do in Springfield on a student budget Looking for a budget- friendly way to spend your study break in the Toowoomba region? Check out these 10 ideas for a fun time that won’t the bank. Being on a uni student budget doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Not sure how to spend your next study break? Check out these 10 things to do in Springfield. Read more Read more