HeyU Issue 30 - 10 June 2015 - Page 9

feature “…anyone can cosplay, anyone can create, it’s not just for geeks, it’s not a cult following. It’s about being proud to say ‘I like this’ and sharing it with people who have the same interests.” Starting The Vixen’s Vibe, the team was nervous for the first show, because there is no way to really practice being live on air, except for being live on air! I helped to support them the same way Jekki supported me. She was great to work with, and very supportive. Having someone hosting who makes you feel comfortable with yourself really helps. It also helps if you can forget the microphone is there and just talk to your host. I tried to do the same with my team to make them feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Q: How much planning do you do every week to prepare for the show? A: A lot. Basically, I start planning the next show after the last show has aired. I’m on the internet from Monday to Friday, researching ideas for talking points, and once we all agree on topics for the show, I write up the show plan. When we’ve organised someone to come in and they pull out at the last minute it is difficult because people don’t understand how the show has been planned to slot them in for their 10 minutes, and we have to find a way to fill it. I try to script the show out completely to avoid the ‘ums’ and ahs’ as much as possible, and a backup plan ready to go in case someone pulls out. Q: What are the roles in the group? Q: What would you love to do if you continue to pursue radio in the future? A: I would love to host or co-host, I just love to talk! Love the organisation as well and production as well, but being on air is my passion. WORDS: RACHEL TAPSCOTT – USQ Student IMAGES: RACHEL TAPSCOTT – USQ Student A: Tia – Main host and panel op, prep and planning. Everyone else is a co-host. We develop the show script together and help organise interviews etc. but I do the physical stuff. Mitch is also second in command. Q: What’s your favourite thing about Phoenix Radio? A: I like that it gives students a chance to have a go at something they wouldn’t normally be able to do. If you get a job at a radio station you have to work your way up; Phoenix Radio gives you experience automatically, and throws you straight in to being live to air, but you still have all the support you need. You can hear The Vixen’s Vibe weekly on Fridays at 7pm. Head to phoenixradio.com.au and follow the links to start listening any time of day. You can also catch up on shows on Soundcloud and stay in touch on the The Vixen’s Vibe Facebook page.