HeyU Issue 30 - 10 June 2015 - Page 6

uni life WHAT TO WATCH Zama Yoga zamayoga.com.au If huffy puffy exercise is not your thing but you’d still love to be tight, toned and terrific, then it’s time you get yourself down to Zama Yoga. It will be your new go-to for exercise, I assure you! Located at 7/140 South Street in Toowoomba and 2/27–29 High Street in Toowong, you’ll be welcomed with loads of opportunities to explore your inner yogi from hatha yoga (traditional style) to aerial yoga (yep, this one will require some hanging from the roof– eek!). A personal favourite of mine is the hot vinyasa or the hot power if you’re really wanting to get those muscles working! In 60 minutes, the instructors at Zama will help you to stretch it out and strengthen every muscle of the body through a flow of traditional yoga poses (nothing like working the whole body in one go!). Did I mention the room will be heated to between 32 and 35 degrees? Don’t freak out, this is purely to help the body stretch a little easier, which is great for those of us who lack in the flexibility department. I can promise you there will be no shortage of sweat in this non-huffy- puffy workout, but boy will you feel fresh once you’ve finished! Each session includes time to cleanse your mind and a chance to channel positivity, which could be handy with exams just around the corner! All classes are suitable for beginners, so I suggest you grab a friend and sweat it out for an hour! VISIT ZAMA YOGA ON FB WORDS:  MORGAN FARQUHARSON – USQ Alumni IMAGES: BEC MANSON – Zama Yoga Student