HeyU Issue 25 - 01 April 2015 - Page 9

speed meet Meet Amy! Amy works in the Springfield Phoenix Central office. What’s your job title? Student Enrichment Coordinator. What does your role mean to you? The ability to engage with awesome USQ students. What’s your best student tip? Do not give up and get among it! Uni days are the best days of your life so become part of the USQ community and start living life! Why do you love USQ? I love USQ because everyone is so supportive, it’s like a big USQ family. If you could be any flavour Jelly Bean, what would you be? Tutti-Frutty because it’s like a carnival in your mouth. So many fruit flavours! It’s delicious! Where can we find you at USQ? You’ll find Phoenix Central in the new Building B, ground floor.