HeyU Issue 25 - 01 April 2015 - Page 13

feature Simon is now taking on three courses a semester with two jobs and extra-curricular work around the university and the community, with no regrets! ‘Just take the plunge, don’t be afraid because there will be people with similar tastes and interests out there that great valuable friendships can be grown from. I have met most of my great university friends through clubs and societies on-campus, and on forums externally. Once you start becoming involved, you get hooked.’ Simon’s ability to juggle these commitments while studying has been greatly assisted by his employers’ support and flexibility when it comes to educational commitments. With all of this, you must be wondering how Simon possibly has time for friends! Simon says his friends and social life ‘are just as important as employment or study. Finding the time to pencil in friends is easier when you are studying with them – killing two birds with one stone, per say!’ What it all comes down to? ‘Solid time management and pre-planning your week/month. Alongside numerous amounts of motivational sticky notes, study sessions with friends. Oh, and coffee.’ WORDS: JESS THORNTON – USQ Student IMAGES: SUPPLIED