HeyU Issue 25 - 01 April 2015 - Page 12

‘I WANT TO BE…’ is a line thrown around a lot by kids, but none more than Simon Playford. So how did someone who had high aspirations to be a doctor or prime minister decide on a Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Laws? ‘It wasn’t until my formative high school years that I took to legal studies with a passion. It is the knowledge that in every action we make, whether that is driving a vehicle or attending a concert, there are laws and legal obligations enforced upon us.’ Accompanying this passion with the belief that ‘having an insight into the business and economical world can only assist in every part of your life’, studying law and business was the best decision Simon could make! Now, as a fifth year student, Simon is successfully accomplishing study while also involving himself in as many extra-curricular activities as possible, choosing things that not only help him improve his current knowledge, but things he also enjoys. You’d think that being the USQ Student Guild President, USQ Law Society Secretary and recently receiving the Student Representative of the Year award would be enough to keep anybody on their toes! But Simon is loving every bit of it! So what has been the biggest challenge that Simon has faced thus far? ‘It truly was the lack of motivation, in particular during my second year of study. Motivation is a consistent problem during study. There are always going to be temptations that seem more appealing than textbooks!’ To overcome this challenge, Simon promptly booked an appointment with his Student Relationship Officer (SRO), with the intent of discussing his options around getting out into the workforce quicker. The result? ‘She [his SRO] empowered me to understand that I wasn’t alone… and I had the support to continue. Ever since that appointment, I haven’t looked back… I pursued with the attitude of every little action I do now will help my future.’ After his experiences, Simon’s best advice concerning a lack of motivation is: • Visualising that there is a bright future ahead. • Grounding yourself by remembering the reasons why you started in the first place. • Celebrating all good results or achievements in your study life – ‘Positivity is never a bad thing.’