HeyHeyCard wedding stationery HeyHeyCard Magazine - April issue | Page 23

Q&A Any question about wedding planning or our invitation products? Email us and we will try to answers all of your questions. Q When should I start designing my invitation? A We recommend starting the design process as soon as possible! Some projects take more time than others, but custom designs take around 2-3 months, 2 weeks for printing and shipping. Q How Many Deposit Should I Pay? A A 50% deposit is required to place the order. (Formboard products need full payment) Q I want to order a custom design and have some ideas, what should I provide to you? A That’s great! please send us any inspiration to you can be Pinterest board, inspiration image, color palettes, etc. Q What kind of printing do you offer? A Most of our projects are printed with Gold Foil. we can do other like letterpress or die-cutting. Q How many times layout including the payment? A If you choose HeyHey collections that including 2 rounds layout. If more than that it costs up to HKD 50 each time. *layout not including change the style no, if you need to change the style after your payment its cost HKD 100 Q If I do not like the layout, can I get my deposit back? A We are so sorry than we can not return the deposit. but you can choose our other productions to deduct your deposit. Any questions? Email us via [email protected] APRIL 2020 21