HeyHeyCard wedding stationery HeyHeyCard Magazine - April issue | Page 17

Best EASTER GIFT IDEAS L ook at this cute bunny! His name is Pierre and his mama wants us to paint him a lovely card for her family! HeyHeyCard offers custom watercolor pet portrait in digital or printed with a frame, on a mug or other different materials and format for you! You can also customize the messages, our designers and artist will hand lettering for you too! How cool is that? Today we are share Pierre’s lovely card order — a custom watercolor pet portrait printed with a die-cut card. The order prosses is easy and just takes around one month to get the product with a good package! • • • • • First, choose your favorite high-resolution image of your cute pet, it will be better can see your pet faces clear! When we decide the best photo as a reference, our designers and artist will start to paint your pet. When we finished the portraits we will send a photo to you, we can revisions the painting at this moment. Three complimentary rounds of revisions are included. (Each additional round of revisions is up to USD$10 per round) After the final revisions, we will send you the printed card with envelope OR Files in .jpg / pdf format*. (We can print on postcard and mug, etc.) The shipping prices are different based on your countries, please contact us for the details. Our standard size is *A4 (*or you can order custom size) with an envelope. We will use watercolor painting on 300gs watercolor paper and scan it on the computer and print it on paper. That’s it! 囍 If you want to share your experience with HeyHeyCard, please send us an email and we will contact you! APRIL 2020 15