Hey Gorgeous! Nov. 2013 | Page 2

did you say that was a bold or a bowl cut?

I'm confused

While getting dressed for work I passed by the television to see what Alicia's hair looked liked. She was doing a soundcheck with a hat on her head so I didn't get a chance to see it. At work the tv is positioned so I cannot see what is going on. I shouted out "How's Alicia's hair?" my co-worker replied, "It looks nice so I took it at her word.

Two days later my client was sitting in the chair getting a sew in and she asked me if I saw the Meme's for Alicia Keys. Meme's are the funny captions like the above pics you see all over social media. I was very surprised to hear funny because although I did not see her hair on Good Morning America, my professional source saw it and confirmed it was fine.

My client began showing me the Meme's and I laughed so hard. Her hair was just.... different. I want to hate it but a weird part of me wants to love it. I want to think that the cut is not meant to be worn flat. It is my believe that when her hair is styled it looks so hot on her.

There is a bigger question than the "love it or hate it cut" that Alicia is sporting right now? What is driving her to want to cut her hair? She has went through about three hair changes this year that involved the scissors hitting her hair.

Our power is at the top and not in between. No matter how you feel about Alicia's hair choice she has made a powerful choice of expression and she has created conversation with her decision.

The choice to cut your hair is a liberating experience. It is a symbolic phase of change. New beginnings require change. For women we always start at the top and work our way down.

I have no personal knowledge of Alicia's circumstances. Using my hair stylist eyes, there is a life shift going on.

Alicia came on the music scene in 2001 and mostly wore her hair long. When Alicia first cut her hair into the bob she had noticeable thinning of her hair. One of the ways to create fullness is to cut your hair. The bob was not working because her hair collects oil so she went shorter.

The next cut was a hit and loved by all. Once you get past the first cut it is nothing to go shorter. In an interview last year she hinted at going shorter.

Perhaps she was inspired by Ariane Davis from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. No matter where the inspiration came from it is always inspiring to do what makes you feel sexy, gorgeous and happy.

Our hair is our greatest voice of self-expression. Our fashion helps give the hair style a voice. I speak fluent Hair and I can heard Alicia's bowl cut saying was, "Good Morning America is on too early in the morning. Between sound checks and getting my son together this morning the last thing I was thinking about was my hair, I'm human."