Her Voice Magazine Vol. 1 - Page 28

Personal Leadership Coaching Growing Healthy Leaders Creating a Coaching Culture Did you know that Jesus asked over 150 questions recorded in the Bible? For example, he asked Peter a powerful question, “Who do you say I am?” This simple question caused Peter to dig deep and make a significant declaration. The coaching skills Jesus used were the catalyst that helped launch Peter into ministry. Our churches and ministers in the Northwest Ministry Network are experiencing how effective coaching can be. We are creating a coaching culture where we engage leaders in discovering their God-given dreams. Coaching provides leaders with encouragement and helps create traction to move forward in life and ministry. Training Coaches In September 2012, the NWMN partnered with Coach Approach Ministries to offer coach training to church leaders and missionaries. Since that date we have offered five separate introductory classes (“Building Blocks of Christian Coaching”) and ten advanced coaching classes. Just over 100 individuals have taken part in these trainings and most of them continue using coaching skills in their daily ministry. Wow- that’s a lot of coaches! Upcoming Coach Training this Fall… We have two introductory courses scheduled for this coming September 2-5, 2014. The first class is called “Building Blocks of Christian Coaching” and is required if you want to take any further classes. The second class that week is called “Coaching for Change, Transition, and Transformatio