Her Voice Magazine Vol. 1 - Page 25

How have you been released to practically live out your calling? I recently moved across the world to a place that is desperate for Jesus. It is hard to comprehend that every day I meet people that have never heard about this loving God that saved my life. I do my best to share, but in my limited Arabic I am required to rely completely on Jesus, more than I ever have before. At first it is difficult to give up our rights and think that we have sacrificed everything. When really we haven’t sacrificed anything yet. However then we realize there is more to give up. We realize that giving everything up is a gift. The only thing we need in our life is our relationship with Jesus. He wants to be our all; that is how he empowers us to reach a hurting world. You realize that you will give everything to share with these amazing people that live all around you. “A flower that stops short of its flowering misses its purpose. We were created for more than our own spiritual development; reproduction, not mere development, is the goal of the matured being - reproduction in the lives of others” -Lilias Trotter When I started this journey all I knew was that God loved Muslims and wanted to share His love with them. I am honored to be used by God in this way. I did not grow up as a Christian and often thought I did not know enough to make it overseas. I thought I needed to go to Bible College or study more. As I grew in Jesus though His heart for the lost could not be ignored. He broke my heart for the lost all over the world. There are millions of people in the world that still have not heard about the love Jesus has for them. John Piper said “Missions exists, because worship does not.” Now 10 years after I became a Christian I have the wonderful opportunity to spend every day surrounded by people that are desperate to hear about that same love that saved my life. God has done amazing miracles in my life and continues to teach me daily His heart for the people around me. I am honored to have been sent out by so many amazing churches and friends that had no idea who I was just a year ago. I was encouraged and supported by people I had never met before. God LOVES the people of the world and I am willing to do whatever it takes to share that love with the Muslims that want to know who Jesus is. As Lilias said in the above quote I do not want to miss my purpose I want to do everything God created for me to do! What has God created you to do that might seem too difficult or challenging? I’m Jenny Razey. I was raised on a family farm in Washington and found Jesus at WSU. I have lived in and out of the Arab World for 6 years and am willing to follow Jesus in whatever He asks me to do. Jesus is my priceless treasure and He is worth everything! Pg. 25