Her Voice Magazine Vol. 1 - Page 14

• Right click on the part between the two splits, and choose “remove”. How to edit videos in YouTube If you took the video on your phone and uploaded it to YouTube, you can edit right in the application. The basic principles are still the same – you need to split the video into parts and delete what you don’t want. • In YouTube, click on “My Channel” • Click on Videos • Choose the video you want • Choose Video Manager, on the right, under the video • On the far left, click on Create • You then can choose the video to drag to the editor. (You will see your most recent video in the viewer, under the viewer, it says “drag your video here”.) • From this function, you can change the beginning and end of your video, or change the end of your video easily. • You can drag multiple small videos together to create a longer video. • This editor is clunkier for taking parts of your video out of the middle, but we aren’t looking for amazing footage – this video is your starting point. Don’t let the need to create a video stop you. This is easy and very doable. The important part is that you have thought through your topic enough that you can actually give a preview of what you want to say. Kim is an ordained Assemblies of God pastor, a ministry and development coach, and a writer. She has written two books, How to Gain the New Advantage (a book for pastors and church leadership); and Walk Away from Fear, a six-week bible study. She is a columnist at www. ministrytodaymag.com. When she isn’t writing, you will find her behind the wheel of her minivan carting her busy teens to and fro, making way too many trips to the grocery store, or curled up for a moment of peace with her husband. For more information, or to connect with Kim directly, go to her website www.deepimprints.com, sign up for the Get Unstuck Bootcamp (www.getunstuckbootcamp.com). Pg. 14