Her Voice Magazine Vol. 1 - Page 13

3. You are welcome to edit your video or send your video unedited. It is up to you! If you want to edit your video, here are some helpful steps. How to Edit your video: The general concept of video editing is to create starts and stops. In other words, you split the video you’ve created into smaller parts. Then, you delete what you don’t want. In Windows Movie Maker, right click is your friend. Put your curser on your video, and right click. This will give you the menu. You will use “set start point,” “set end point,” “split” and “remove”. In order to cut a few moments at the beginning of your video: • On the program, you will see a large black line: • That black line is movable. Click on it and drag it to the video to start. Then, right click and choose “set start point.” In order to remove part of your video: • Drag the large black line to the beginning of the part you want to remove, right click and choose • “split.” Drag the large black line to the end of the part you want to remove and hit “split” again. Pg. 13