Her Voice Magazine Vol. 1 | Page 5

W HER VOICE CONFERENCE ACTION PLAN Speakers will share their voices in concise 15 minute vignettes, addressing how women can fully embrace a life of faith, meaning, and purpose. Each guest will be amazed as they watch how God weaves the themes of each speaker’s story with the message He wants to speak to the attendee’s heart. 9 months ahead: hat is HER VOICE? HER VOICE is a unique event that gathers women together in a place where they can be encouraged and empowered to walk in their calling. HER VOICE is perfect for a half-day or full weekend retreat! Four AIMS of HER VOICE • • • • SPEAKER BENEFITS A mentor A support system and speaking promotion Speakers refinement session (see page 19) On-stage practice & peer mentoring 1 year ahead: • Design webpage, social networking, and other promotional material • Procure venue • Make decisions: Will this be a breakfast event, lunch event, or a weekend retreat? Speaker application open. See sample speaker of instructions. Slots fill up quick, so an application should not be considered complete until the video, bio, picture, and topic are submitted. • Keep a spreadsheet of collected speaker information. Encourage waiting list. Once speaking slots are filled publish names with topics, bios and pictures online or in promo material you can mail to churches. • Pg. 5