Her Voice Magazine Vol. 1 | Page 11

Your testimony will be great because of my work in you.” Every woman can attend this conference and have a God moment that will change her life. Don’t miss out because you feel you aren’t qualified or worthy of God speaking through His vessel. Come! Enjoy God’s goodness and the fellowship of those around you. It’s not a conference that you will want to miss. It’s one that God wants to use to bring growth to your spiritual walk. -Katie Rogers My name is Katie Rogers. I live in Forks, Washington, and currently work at Forks Hospital. I’m currently working on being credentialed through the Assemblies of God. I co-teach a Sunday school class and lead Women’s Bible study. Throught the eyes of KRISTA DUNK: In the past, I’ve attended women’s ministry conferences by the Northwest Ministry Network. This year, I had the pleasure of attending a HER VOICE event in Snoqualmie, Washington. A simple, powerful event that only required women, tables and chairs, and a microphone. The conference was refreshing. As an audience member, I found it fascinating how God used each woman’s unique voice. None of the speakers had any idea what the others would be talking about, yet the whole event seemed like a seamless presentation of God’s message for the group of women in attendance. I also had the opportunity to be one of the twelve speakers, which was a fantastic experience. None of us were professional speakers, and the opportunity to hone our skills and minister to women was a great blessing. After the event was over, I commented to the event’s organizers on the welcoming, casual feel of the conference, how well organized it was, and about the love that exuded from the leaders. It didn’t matter that I don’t attend an Assemblies of God church; I was welcomed and loved. I’m sure every woman in that room walked away feeling loved and empowered. It was a day I’ll never forget. If you have the opportunity to attend a HER VOICE conference in the future, I encourage you to participate and invite everyone you know to join you! -Krista Dunk Author and speaker Krista Dunk is passionate about helping people discover their God-given gifts and express them with the world. She herself spent many frustrating years not knowing her calling and unable to truly express herself, until she took a personal journey with God. Now Krista helps others start their own journey of discovery and expression through her books, speaking topics, newsletters, workshops, publishing company, and radio show. Krista also co-owns Creative Force Press - an independent book publishing company. A teacher at heart, she enjoys writing and speaking on topics such as being a “Kingdom” business owner, finding your God-given purpose and creative expression in worship. Besides her entrepreneurial adventures, Krista is also a wife, mother, sign language interpreter, worship team member, and small group leader with her husband at their local church. Pg. 11