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MITOWER 3 In addition to innovative access equipment, other smart solutions are also developed, such as the online scaffolding configuration tool. Putting together a rolling tower is quite a difficult task. For example, which components do you need and what is really a safe scaffold? The online configuration tool helps you, as a user, to assemble a complete scaffolding that can be built the way it should be: the safest, most efficient manner, and in accordance with the safety standards. The configuration tool knows exactly what you need. The single person access solution - Single person assembly and disassembly - Safe and fast assembly in only 10 minutes - To be used by one person - Maximum working height 6 m - Trolley dimensions: 127 x 83 x 158 cm (L x W x H) - Art.no. C003002 WORKING TOGETHER ON SMART SOLUTIONS Innovation and improvement is a matter of working together. In order to innovate, you need to have good people in your organization, and you need a sophisticated process. It involves the translation of customer demands and market trends, into smart solutions that don’t yet exist in the market. “We talk to our customers and dealers. This information is passed on to our engineers, who then develop new products. If this requires new production techniques, the Engineering department will take care of it. We then think about the smartest way of production and distribution. So it’s an internal chain in which all departments work together and complement each other. Each using their own knowledge and skills. This results in the safest and most innovative Altrex products. And there will be many more to come.” ■ - Single person assembly and disassembly - Safe and fast assembly in only 12 minutes - Te used by two people - Maximum working height 8 m - Trolley dimensions: 172 x 83 x 210 cm (L x W x H) - Art.no. C003014