HeartBeat Fall 2017 - Page 15

CROP INSURANCE DATES TO REMEMBER September 30 Sales closing date for fall wheat. Last day to make any changes to an existing MPCI policy for your 2018 crop year. All written agreements on crops need to be completed prior to this date for submission to RMA. November 14 Final date to report 2017 wheat production. September 30 Premiums/fees due on spring crops. December 10 Insurance coverage ends on spring crops. October 31/November 15 Final plant date for wheat. (See your agent for details.) December 15 Final acreage reporting date for wheat and barley. November 15 Sales closing date for PRF (Rainfall Index). December 15 Final date to report claims for spring crops. Pasture, Rangeland and Forage Insurance The Pasture, Rangeland and Forage (PRF) Insurance program is a risk management tool provided by the federal MPCI program to protect against lack of rainfall in a producer selected grid area. Contact your FCS agent for more information on how this program can provide risk management for forage and pasture in your operation. The deadline to apply for 2018 coverage is November 15, 2017. margin protection : Beginning in 2018 the Margin Protection product on corn and soybeans will be available in Missouri for many counties. Margin protection is an area-based coverage designed to protect expected margin. Margin Protection takes into consideration changes in crop prices, county yields and changing input prices. Margin Protection is available with or without multi-peril and at coverage levels ranging from 70%- 95% in 5% increments. Sales Closing date for Margin Protection is September 30th for all crops. Conservation Compliance Any changes in your operation for the 2018 crop year? All producers must be in compliance with FSA in order to receive subsidy on their crop insurance for the 2018 crop year. A certificate of compliance (Form AD-1026) was to be on file at FSA by June 1, 2017. The form AD-1026 compliance form is continuous and does not need to be refiled unless changes are made to your farming operation such as: • Changes in farms owned and/or operated, • Formation of a new legal entity, • Changes in farming practices. Check with your FSA office to make sure you’re in compliance with all farms you own and lease. If you’re not in compliance, please visit with your agent regarding how the loss of the subsidy will affect your 2018 MPCI crop insurance prior to the applicable sales closing date. HEARTBEAT | FALL 2017 15