Heart Home magazine Issue 8 | Page 3

Welcome Home from the Editors

Here comes Summer …
It ’ s always such a joy putting together the summer issue and this one has been no exception . We have tried to fill our pages with everything you need to inspire you this season ; whether it ’ s a vintage inspired picnic , a fruity recipe , ideas for displaying those abundant summer flowers , or shopping for some holiday inspired essentials . Of course we couldn ’ t completely ignore the imminent royal baby so we have put together a light hearted selection of nursery themed products ; and as always there are our usual inspirational readers ’ homes .
On a more personal note we are very sad to announce that Daniel Nelson has stepped down as Art Editor . We are very sorry to see him go but we fully understand and respect his decision and we wish him all the best for the future .
Yet , as one door closes another one opens and we are excited to have on board a new team member , Mellisa Harrison . She is taking over as Art Editor and has risen to the challenge of putting together this issue and we look forward to working with her on many more issues to come .
Changes are inevitable but it ’ s what makes us stronger . We are more determined than ever for Heart Home magazine to carry on growing and we are working hard to develop our brand even further . It is an exciting time for us and we look forward to continuing our journey together with you .
… the only thing we can ’ t guarantee is the weather .

Carole and Arianna