Hearing Aids Newsletter Newsletter #5

From Robert Donnan
Keep your hearing aids clean !

Newsletter # 5

From Robert Donnan
I do hope you and your family have a happy , healthy and prosperous 2017 .
Thank you very much for your continued support for our family business . We would not be here if it wasn ’ t for you .
In September , we were so happy to welcome our new addition , Harvey , who is growing quickly and doing very well .
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Cleaning Wipes

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Keep your hearing aids clean !
The biggest learning curve for me in 2016 was how to best avoid my patients having to fiddle with the wax guards and domes ! These alcohol wipes we ’ ve been handing out , if used every night really do make life a lot easier . Please use them every evening and make sure you get all the nasty ear wax off . If you have thin wire hearing aids , pinch the tip 3 or 4 times . If you have in-the-ear aids , wipe gently across the surface of the guard a few times .
In addition , the reception staff can assist you with any wax blockage problems – just drop in and we ’ ll sort it for you .
* Free pack if you call in and quote ‘ N5 ’ *