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From father to son the same passion, 70 years of history and tradition The Orsini Brand since 1948 seeks perfection in every single product, after over 70 years of activity the company is still handed down from father to son, sharing the same dream that began in the very small laboratory (Casa Bottega), and the same passion that with its sweet vanilla scent is the keeper of an- cient and precious recipes Our company that has grown over the years has gone through fashions and cultural revolutions without ever losing its identity. All thanks to a philosophy that combines artisan passion and family tradition, with technological innovation and an eye always looking to the future, Certain that the best machine can never replace the artist's hand, which as in any art, ours is to create unmistakable products that can excite In the Orsini boutique you will naturally find the flavors of the cocoa of the world, but also the classic confectionery, the traditional chocolate shop with spices and liqueurs, the chocolate truffles, the gianduia, the organic and healthy corner, and the prestigious licorice.