Healthy Living Muskogee Summer 2020 Edition - Page 5

Keane said three UV lights are placed in different areas three times a week, after the gym closes. Because UV lights have a smell, Keane said she makes sure the gym is ventilated before members return the next day. Keane said she always sought to have a "super-clean gym," even before COVID-19 hit in March. "We've always had wipes, and always had sanitizers," she said. "People know they always grab wipes and they clean up after themselves. We clean up at the beginning of the day, midday, daily. That was already going on." Gyms across Oklahoma were closed for nearly six weeks out of concern for COVID-19. Keane said she stepped up sanitation other ways when the gym reopened. For example, every other treadmill is unplugged to ensure adequate distancing between users. "We spaced out some of the equipment that needed to be spaced out," Keane said. "Everything else was already six feet apart." During small group classes, properly-distanced participants work out on their own assigned mats and use their assigned weights or exercise equipment, Keane said. "Our whole program is so they touch their own things," she said. "They stash their weights when they're finished, so they Healthy Living 5