Health & Wellness Magazine Live + Thrive Magazine - Summer 2018 - Page 5

CONTENTS Inside 5 LETTER FROM THE EDITOR 6 AT HOME WITH @Rosemarie_Fit ONE WOMENS GUIDE TO BARIATRIC SUCCESS 9 HOW TO HAVE A FRIEND BREAKUP 12 QUIET POWER - INTROVERTS VS. EXTROVERTS 14 HOW TO START A HABIT YOU DON'T ENJOY 16 ARE YOU CHRONICALLY LATE? EIGHT TIPS FOR SHOWING UP ON TIME 20 SIMPLE WAYS TO PRACTICE SELF-CARE 22 HEALTHY POPSICLE RECIPE 24 A SECRET TO AVOID STRESS, FRUSTRATION AND MELTDOWNS 25 HACKING YOUR SLEEP: MAKE IT QUALITY OVER QUANTITY 26 28 30 PERSONALIZED SUPPLEMENTATION IS A BARIATRIC GAME CHANGER AN ACTIVE RECOVERY: THE ROLE OF FITTNESS AFTER BARIATRIC SURGERY Allow us to introduce ourselves —we’re Tespo, and it’s great to meet you. We’re a technology and wellness company dedicated to bringing you a smarter, simpler way to premium nutrition, at the push of a button and turn of a page. We’re proud to welcome you into the inaugural issue of Live + Thrive, our educational magazine delivering state-of-the-art insights within the health and wellness industry. We thought, what better way to kick off this journey than by celebrating the bariatric community with our introductory issue. Trust us—we know the trials and tribulations you face. Your future starts now, and we want to be your guiding light as you create a healthier you. In this issue, we outline the easiest path to bariatric success. From food and fitness to supplements and vitamins, we show you step-by-step how to achieve success within your new lifestyle. Are you ready for a better you? Join us as we introduce you to your best life. We’re excited to have you with us. THE ESSENTIAL NEED FOR SUPPLEMENTS FOLLOWING BARIATRIC SURGERY With Doctor Kerry Kole Ted Mills CEO / Tespo #NOMOREPILLS / @gettespo @gettespo /in/ 5