Health & Wellness Magazine Live + Thrive Magazine - Summer 2018 - Page 19

6. YOUR CO-WORKERS WON’T END MEETINGS ON TIME? This is an exasperating problem. You’re supposed to be someplace else, but you’re trapped in a meeting that’s going long. Sometimes, this is inevitable, but if you find it happening over and over, identify the problem. Is too little time allotted to meetings that deserve more time? Is the weekly staff meeting 20 minutes of work crammed into 60 minutes? If you face this issue repeatedly, there’s probably an identifiable problem — and once you identify it, you can develop strategies to solve it — e.g., sticking to an agenda; circulating information by email; not permitting discussions about contentious philosophical questions not relevant to the tasks at hand, etc. (This last problem is surprisingly widespread, in my experience.) 7. YOU HAVEN'T CONSIDERED HOW YOUR BEHAVIOR AFFECTS SOMEONE ELSE? A friend was chronically late dropping off her son at sports activities until he said, “You’re always late dropping me off because it doesn’t affect you, but you’re always on time to pick me up, because you’d be embarrassed to be the last parent at pickup.” She was never late again. 8. YOU HATE YOUR DESTINATION SO MUCH YOU WANT TO POSTPONE SHOWING UP FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE? If you dread going to work that much, or you hate school so deeply, or wherever your destination might be, you’re giving yourself a clear signal that you need think about maki