Health & Wellness Magazine Live + Thrive Magazine - Summer 2018 | Page 21

42. Laugh it out with your favorite person. 43. Do something selfish. Do one thing just for you. 44. Avoid triggers. 45. Put on clean fresh PJs and climb into bed. 46. Diffuse your favorite essential oils. 47. Stretch or get into a yoga class. 48. Have a picnic in the park. 49. Do some drawing or writing. 50. Work toward something that inspires you. 51. Have your significant other give you a massage. 52. Watch stand-up comedy. 53. Call someone you love. 54. Recite positive affirmations. 55. Try a healthy new recipe. 56. Make a vision board. 57. Get up really early, climb the nearest hill and watch the sunrise. 58. Write a love letter to yourself. 59. Have a hot cup of tea. 60. Surround yourself with amazing people. 61. Learn how to say no. 62. Check in with yourself regularly. 63. Gift your inner child. 64. Create a safe place. 65. Reflect on your accomplishments. 21