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effects of the lies. There's definitely a connection. Your immune system could become compromised because your body is stressed, making it harder to fight off colds and flus. For some, it’s an immediate effect," Karim notes. "For others it’s a slow build of physical problems, like headaches." So other than the obvious – it’s wrong – for your health, stop lying to your spouse about your money. The best day to tell them about the deceit would have been immediately, BUT the next best day is today. Don’t wait. For your health and the health of your marriage. 2. Worrying about investments or retirement savings. Worrying about your current and future financial situation adversely affects your health. Experts list money stressors as “chronic stress” which activates the fight-or-flight response system at a very high level, which damages the body. Nancy Molitor, PhD, a clinical psychologist and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioural Health at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine says about money worries, “It’s a kind of never-ending, seemingly endless loop of problems that gets created if the person doesn’t deal with the dilemma,” she says. That type of prolonged chronic stress response is associated with developing problems, like obesity, type two diabetes, stomach ulcers and cardiac problems. Do what you can do for your finances and then move on. Stop the chronic stress. Get involved with your money. Don’t set bills aside. Don’t put off sharing the realities with your spouse. Don’t wait to start investing at least a little. that their stocks are performing exactly as they anticipated. A lot of that is out of your control. Imagine if a quarterback and his receivers spent every day disagreeing about the plan for success. Work on what you can affect and go to sleep to rest and replenish knowing, today, you did your best. Identify how you deal with money and then use those strengths to your advantage, make a plan and work it, and then let the chips fall where they may. 3. Tension and fighting with your spouse about money. In contrast to Point No.1, this stressor identifies the potential for regular tension, bickering, or shaming about money. That daily icky rain cloud dripping overhead. Does this sound like your house? Don’t let money get the better of you. It’s not worth it. Identify your Money Personality for FREE with The Money Couple’s online, scientific Money Personality Assessment at Are you critical of every penny spent? Is your spouse? Did your spouse make a financial mistake in the past that you tend to bring up whenever possible? Do you nag your spouse about saving and coupons? Are you distrustful of your spouse but you handle it passive aggressively? Does every conversation somehow wind up being about money? How often do you grumble about the money you don’t have? When your spouse wants something nice do you support or shame them? If you set a budget do you respect it? Do you place a priority on making memories or are the activities viewed as expensive, so they don’t happen? We all approach money differently. In fact, every individual has a unique bent towards handling money. And even how money makes them feel. Make a plan together to push the boulder up the hill. Two rowers in a boat race beat the solo rower every time. Our research shows about 70 percent of the time individuals marry someone who approaches money differently than they do which offers the opportunity for understanding and growth or … a lot of tension and fights. Most people don’t feel they have enough saved for retirement and few people high-five you on a daily basis to tell you That chronic tension is unhealthy. It eats away at your mental and physical health and the strength of your marriage. ABOUT THE AUTHORS Scott and Bethany Palmer, The Money Couple, are love and money experts, authors, speakers, each have 20 years of financial advising experience. Together, they help couples solve money issues in their relationship. Grab a copy of "The 5 Money Personalities: Speaking the Same Love and Money Language," and take the FREE online Money Personality Assessment. 9