Health & Wellness Magazine HealthQuest Winter 2019 - Page 5

LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT Everywhere you turn these days, it seems that people are talking about wellness. From eating right to exercising, to mindfulness and meditation, looking after ourselves is now seen as a necessity, not a luxury. In my own family this year, we have worked on incorporating more vegetables into our meals, trying to enjoy nature a little more, and started a regular yoga practice (yes, my husband is now trying yoga!). At HealthQuest, our customers are great examples of people who are taking care of themselves, and our team is so happy to see more and more people doing this. For example, we help people who’ve just started on a new walking program and need the right footwear and supports. Years ago, this involved fairly time-consuming processes, but with new technology, we can now do a 3-D foot scan and have a new spring in your step in no time! For other clients, we’re helping them on a journey of recovery from surgery or providing therapeutic support for all kinds of reasons. And, we’re adding lots of new products and services every month. (I’m a personal fan of the new antifungal five-free nail polish—great for a healthy pedi). Whenever I talk to someone who has been to one of our locations, they comment on how helpful and informed our staff are. We take great pride in this because we truly aim to provide a personalized service. We have worked hard to educate our staff in the latest methods and health trends, and we’ve recently started holding mobile clinics in various locations around the province to make our services accessible to more people. Check out our Facebook page to see when we are in your community. Visit our website ( to find out more or book an appointment. Call us or drop into one of our two locations in St. John’s and Grand Falls. And remember: the greatest wealth is health. Yours in health, Anne Whelan President CONTENTS 2 FIND CARE AND CONFIDENCE AT HEALTHQUEST 10 TOMATO SAUCE RECIPE 6 GET TO THE NEXT LEVEL IN YOUR LIFE 12 SHIN SPLINTS Mel Robbins Brendan Walsh 8 MONEY STRESSORS The Money Couple 13 MEET TERESENE WALSH-OAKLEY Jillian Harris 5