Health & Wellness Magazine HealthQuest Winter 2019 - Page 15

“Movement is my medicine.” - JULIA HAMER , a Canadian athlete, medical student, neuroscientist and founder of #TheFitBrain. For Julia, movement has always been the biggest motivator in her life. Growing up she played soccer, danced and ultimately made it on Team Canada’s beach volleyball team. She discovered her passion for neuroscience, which led her to pursue a career in studying medicine. She’s also spread her joy for teaching others to move mindfully as a yoga teacher. GEL-CUMULUS � 21 Embodying these values, Julia truly believes in using movement to achieve the highest version of one’s self. Through a holistic practice - taking care of the mind and the body - she hopes to inspire and make an impact on others to empower positive healthy change through self-love. Watch Julia Hamer’s #IMOVEME video on ASICS Canada’s Youtube Channel. 15