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What to look for in a family vacation spot

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Summer vacations were once an annual tradition for millions of families across the globe . Warm weather getaways to idyllic beaches and welcoming resorts have long helped families make lasting memories , and revisiting that trend can be good for everyone .
Family vacation plans were put on the back burner during the COVID-19 pandemic . According to a survey from IPX 1031 ®, 40 percent of respondents canceled vacation plans during the pandemic , while an additional 29 percent didn ’ t plan a vacation at all . But the pandemic alone cannot be blamed for people ’ s unwillingness to take time off from work , as pre-pandemic studies noted how professionals had increasingly begun to work longer hours and take fewer vacation days . For example , data from the U . S . Travel Association indicates that American workers failed to use 768 million vacation days in 2018 .
Pandemic-related cancellations and postponements proved a bitter pill to swallow , and that sour taste could be one reason why travel bounced back in a big way in 2021 . The hotel market data firm STR , Inc . reported that hotel occupancy reached nearly 70 percent in July 2021 . That ’ s no doubt due to the successful rollout of coronavirus vaccines . This summer could be even better for the travel and tourism industry , as children as young as five are now eligible to be vaccinated , and there ’ s hope that children younger than five will be soon . That means more families will likely be on the lookout for vacation spots , and the following are some qualities they can look for as they search for the perfect place to spend their summer vacations .
• Affordability : Travel costs have spiked in the aftermath of the pandemic , and that may stretch families ’ budgets thin . Data from the energy and commodities information provider S & P Global Platts . indicates that jet fuel prices have been rising somewhat steadily since mid-2020 , and that spike could lead to higher airfare costs this summer . In addition , families should compare the cost of hotel lodging versus single-family homes on sites such as Airbnb or Vrbo . The latter might have more budgetfriendly inventory .
• Accessibility : Families won ’ t want to travel only to find out local attractions are closed or open on a more limited basis . Before booking a trip , confirm the rules and regulations in a given locale and contact local tourist attractions , such as theme parks , to confirm that they ’ ll be open for business as usual this summer .
• Kid-friendly activities : After more than two years locked up at home , parents may be dreaming of spending a week doing little more than sitting on a beach . However , kids may grow antsy after a day or so with their toes in the sand . Many all-inclusive resorts include kid-friendly activities , such as sailing lessons or arts and crafts sessions , that give moms and dads a break and keep youngsters engaged .
• Dining : Research local restaurants when perusing destinations to confirm there ’ s plenty of dining options . Parents have done more than their fair share of cooking at home since the onset of the pandemic , so a great vacation spot is one that includes an array of dining options to give parents time off from cooking detail .
As families prepare for their first vacations in more than two years this summer , parents can look for locales that cater to their needs without breaking the bank .
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