Health Matters Spring 2021 - Page 8

ATSM ’ s larger main gym allows patients to perform rehabilitation exercises in a larger space compared to the old facility .


“ The SoloStep is another unique service we provide ,” said Michael Hanna , senior PT at ATSM . “ By putting a patient in the harness so that they are completely supported by the ceiling tracking system , they are able to gain confidence in their own ability to walk . Therapists are right beside them as needed , but because we don ’ t have to hold on to the patient the entire time to support them , the patient is truly using their own full capacity to recover . We ’ ve found having the SoloStep actually speeds up recovery time , which makes our patients happy as well as helps reduce company costs related to worker compensation claims .”
Another differentiating benefit the clinic provides is swallow studies using a newlyacquired Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing ( FEES ). ATSM ’ s Darcy Watson , SLP , noted , “ Using this endoscope , I ’ m able to determine real-time whether a patient is having any problems with the part of the process when food and liquid pass through the throat . This study is frequently performed on patients with Parkinson ’ s , head or neck cancer , or injuries . Conducting the study at the clinic where they actually receive therapy is more convenient for the patient , and the patient isn ’ t exposed to radiation like with a typical barium swallow study .”
“ This is really a new era for us , and for the community ,” said Stephenson . “ New name , new location , new building , new services and a new outlook . Archbold ’ s vision is to be the best healthcare system in the region , and this facility is an investment to see that through . Our patients will benefit for many years to come .”
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