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Darcy Watson , SLP , shows ATSM Director Jami Stephenson , OT , CHT , high-definition video from a swallow study in which she used ATSM ’ s fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing endoscope . This technology is used on patients recovering from a stroke , those with head or neck cancer , or those with Parkinson ’ s disease and other conditions that cause difficulty swallowing .


“ We simply needed more space ,” said ATSM director Jami Stephenson , OT , CHT . “ As the services we offered grew , the number of patients we were treating increased , and the only way we could grow more was to be in a larger facility . We had , and have , an outstanding team — we just needed room to really show our potential .”
Instead of renovating an existing facility , Archbold chose to find an optimal location and start anew . The 12,000 square-foot building , housing physical , speech and occupational therapy all under one roof , is well-situated on East Pinetree Boulevard and complements an “ Archbold corridor of services ” with Archbold Primary Care , Archbold Urgent Care , Archbold Home Care and Archbold ’ s Pinetree Pharmacy all within a half-mile from each other .
The design of the new facility greatly expanded and optimized treatment space , adding more private treatment bays , doubling the size of the main gym , providing larger pediatric treatment spaces — and adding an aquatic therapy pool .
“ We ’ re the only therapy clinic in the region to have a pool to provide aquatic therapy , said Lindsey Cone , OT at ATSM . “ On day two of moving in , we already had athletes rehabilitating from surgery in the pool , and now they ’ re able to receive aquatic and land based therapy in the same visit . Aquatic therapy works great for all types of patients , but so far we ’ ve treated athletes , those with pending bariatric surgery and patients of a more advanced age requiring very gentle therapy .”
Aside from the new addition of the pool , the ATSM team added other physical therapy services , including stair therapy and a harness with a ceiling-mounted tracking system called a SoloStep , used in helping patients regain the ability to walk following surgery , a stroke , an accident or other conditions .
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