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1 . Ginger
2 . Whole grains
3 . Bananas
4 . Leafy greens

Four foods that help with digestion

If you frequently experience gastrointestinal symptoms such as bloating , gas , diarrhea and constipation , you might benefit from making a few adjustments to what you eat . Here are four types of food you can incorporate into your diet to promote healthy digestion .

1 . Ginger

This popular spice has strong antiinflammatory properties and can help reduce bloating , cramping , gas and indigestion . You can add fresh or powdered ginger to a variety of dishes , or steep thin slices of the root in hot water to make a digestive tea .

2 . Whole grains

Oats , quinoa , brown rice and other whole grains are an excellent source of fibre , which helps move waste through the digestive tract and prevent constipation . Whole grains also contain prebiotics , a substance that promotes healthy bacteria growth in the intestines .

3 . Bananas

In addition to being a good source of fiber , bananas are packed with potassium , which helps muscles in the digestive system function smoothly . This relatively bland fruit is also a great option to restore your electrolytes if you have an upset stomach or diarrhea .

4 . Leafy greens

Swiss chard , kale , spinach and other leafy greens con tain an abundance of fibre and nutrients that facilitate digestion such as vitamins B-9 and C . Research shows these vegetables also contain a particular sugar that promotes healthy gut bacteria growth .
In addition to adopting healthier eating habits , you can improve your digestion by drinking plenty of water , exercising regularly and taking steps to manage stress . For personalized advice ,
or to get to the bottom of persistent gastrointestinal issues , consult your doctor .


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