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Top tips to get ready to run

You ' ve made the decision to get in shape , and whether your goal is a full marathon or simply a few laps around the neighborhood , there are a few steps to consider taking before you strap on those shoes and head toward the finish line .
Here are a few tips to help get you ready for the big race :

Seek quality sneakers

Feet come in a variety of widths and sizes , so visit a specialty running store to find perfect-fitting sneakers . These may come with a hefty price tag , but there are
no shortcuts for comfort and support while running long distances .

Make a schedule

Try to aim for at least 10 hours of training per week , including three days where you run and two or three days of other physical activity such as cycling or strength training . To avoid exhaustion , be sure to include at least 1-2 " rest " days per week .

Stick with water

Avoid sports drinks that are loaded with preservatives and sugars . You can ' t go wrong with the hydrating power of water . As a rule ,
try to consume at least 6-8 ounces of water for every 20 minutes you run . Proper hydration after the run is also vital .

Go online

Many websites have training guides for various skill levels or different types of races . If you have a smartphone , look for apps that can take you through day-by-day workouts to get you marathon-ready .


Filling your body with the proper amount of fuel can help ensure finish-line success . Load up on quality
carbohydrates , such as beans , peas , whole-wheat pastas , whole-grain cereals , apples , brown rice and root vegetables . Protein also plays an important role in a runner ' s nutrition , so fill up on lean meats , fish , eggs , low-fat dairy , peanut butter and soy protein sources , as well .
By following these general rules , you ' ll be able to focus on achieving your goal and enjoy the thrill of finishing the race . Find more tips for a healthier lifestyle at eLivingToday . com .
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