Healing and Hypnotherapy Volume 8, issue - 4, 1 October 2023 | Page 2


चेतसा सवर्कमार्िण मिय सन्न्यस्य मत्परः । बुिद्धयोगमुपािश्रत्य मिच्चत्तः सततं भव ॥
chetasā sarva-karmāṇi mayi sannyasya mat-paraḥ buddhi-yogam upāśhritya mach-chittaḥ satataṁ bhava
Dedicate your every activity to me , making me your supreme goal . Taking shelter of the Yog of the intellect , keep your consciousness absorbed in me always .
( Srimadbhagvad Geeta : Chapter 18 : Verse 57 )
Can you provide a real Vashikaran ( Back magic to attract lover back ) specialist who can bring a separated husband back ?
Really , I am sure it hurts , heck I know it hurts . And it can go on for months , years and for some ; probably life time .
However , there is something called Karma . I will suggest sit with a counsellor and breakdown everything , as to what happened ? Why things have come to this ? Start from the beginning .
Please understand this ; that , when we think everything is just happening in our lives then we must accept that , we have no control on it . 
 But once we see our participation in the events then we empower ourselves to change things .
So first figure out what ’ s your participation in this whole thing ( Separation from your husband .) And then figure out what Is the learning .
You will find out what is best for you . here are three different directions it could go : -
1 . It could be that you need to make certain fundamental changes in you before you can even initiate the talks with your Husband .
2 . It could be that , you need to understand , he was not worth your time and certain things are so messed up that you are better off without him .
3 . Or it could be that you guys have finished your karmic connection and you need to find your separate path to your growth and learnings .