Healing and Hypnotherapy Volume 1, Issue 10, (1 April 2017) | Page 2

To Acchieve Oneness, there are many ways, Renunciation, Path of Knowledge and to fullfill ones duty by seeing it as God' s command (Karma Yog). However, meditation(Yog) is better than them all. So dear seekar; become Yogi. (SrimadBhagvadgeeta "Chaptor 6- Verse 46") From the Desk Every Experience, Every Encounter is previously decided………Some Kind of previous appointment is made……….. If so then what is ‘Free Will’??? Free Will ----------Our choice to learn whatever is to be learnt to live in that situation peacefully……………………… And Our Ability to leave once it’s achieved. Yes heard it right our ability to leave… Cause what is learning in one set of circumstances is implementation in another set of situation. But --- Sometimes we choose by our free will not to learn but to run away. Lo & Behold ………Exactly similar situation is waiting right in the corner to repeat same experience all over again…………….. Sometimes after conflict, trauma and pain we do see the learning and we learn, however by then we are so overwhelmed, we grow so accustomed to that thing, place, person or situation that we just do not have enough spunk left in us to move on. ------To leave. Even though we loose all emotional attachment, we see no connect, and we know it’s stagnant yet we prevail. We are so struck with our ability to win it over that we just don’t see: Now! Is the time to move on? Decisions, when come from anger, emotional high, impulse they lead us to flight. Decisions, coming from calm detached sense of completion lead us to growth. Let’s have experiences, and value every teacher, as blessing; it may be anything; situations, places, and different people – Good or Bad.